Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Questions To Ask Your Cincinnati Dentist

Sometimes Cincinnati residents research their mechanic or hairdresser more thoroughly than their dental professional. Shouldn’t your dental care be far more critical than the condition of your car or the style of your hair? At Endres Gateway Dentistry, we love to answer questions about all facets of dentistry.

For instance, you may have questions about a dentist’s training and experience. Dr. Endres has been performing complex dental procedures since 2007. If you have questions about the dental school Dr. Endres attended, be sure to ask about it during your consultation.

You probably have questions about the types of care your dentist offers. These may include crowns, braces, fillings, dental bridges, root canals, dental bonding, white fillings, and gum contouring. These services may not be vital to you now, but it is a good idea to have an understanding of your options.

If you are contemplating smile restoration, tooth implants, or tooth whitening, discuss cosmetic dentistry services with your dentist. Look at before and after pictures and ask your dentist which procedures may be right for you.

At Endres Gateway Dentistry, we offer the full menu of family and cosmetic dentistry. We welcome questions about all aspects of Endres Gateway Dentistry, serving Cincinnati and Loveland. Call us today at 513-791-8880 to have your questions answered.

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