Dental Warranty

dental-warranty-corp-logoWhen you invest in something as important as your smile, you want it to be right. What assurance do you have that your dentist will take care of any dental issues that arise even years after the original treatment was performed? With Dr. Endres in Cincinnati, you have the assurance of a dental warranty!

The Dental Warranty Corp seal of approval is given only to select dentists with a proven history of delivering the highest quality dental care. Because of that, we can issue a full repair/replacement dental warranty to every patient on every eligible treatment.

Elective cosmetic dental treatments are a major investment in your smile. Not only do you deserve the highest quality treatment available, but you should feel comfortable in knowing that your care will really last.

Fortunately, patients of Endres Gateway Dentistry in Cincinnati can rest easy. We are proud to now offer an even higher standard of care and greater peace-of-mind with the dental warranty service.

We trust Dental Warranty Corp to provide secure and hassle-free claims processing for all of our patients who are covered by the Dental Warranty. If you experience a chipped, broken, or failed treatment, simply return to us for complete service. There are no claim forms to be filled out and no out-of-pocket expense up to the amount defined on the Dental Warranty document.

Coverage from Dental Warranty Corp:

  • “No-Fault” Coverage:
    Repairs or replacement work on qualifying restorations will be covered no matter how it broke, no matter where the patient lives, and no matter if Dr. Endres is available.
  • “No-Cost” Repair:
    Dental Warranty Corp will cover any repair or replacement of dental work up to the cost of the original restoration.
  • “Follows Your Smile” Coverage:
    Even if our patients leave the Cincinnati area, any repairs or restoration replacements are still covered by the warranty. The patient will be referred to the closest Dental Warranty Corp. certified dental practice for service.
  • “Constant Assurance”
    Even if Dr. Endres is no longer practicing years down the road, our patients’ dental work will still be covered by the warranty.
  • “Peace-of-Mind”
    Imagine not having to worry about paying to repair or replace dental work if something were to happen to your smile. Patients of Endres Gateway Dentistry in Cincinnati, OH can enjoy this peace-of-mind for several years because they are covered by this dental warranty.

Patient Responsibility:

To keep the dental warranty in force, the patient must maintain regular hygiene appointments to ensure oral health and continuing care. In addition, patients need to follow the daily hygiene routine recommended by Dr. Endres to help their dental work last as long as possible.

* This Dental Warranty summary does not constitute a contract or legally binding agreement. For complete details and restrictions, come into our office in Cincinnati, OH, so you can see the Dental Warranty Corp Warranty certificate.