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    Cincinnati Dentist

    Dr. Eleanor Endres

    Are you looking for a better kind of family dentistry? Cincinnati is the home of Dr. Eleanor Endres of Endres Gateway Dentistry. We offer our patients high quality dental care with a gentle approach.

    Our patients trust us for modern dentistry, with services ranging from orthodontics to dental implants. You’ll find a clean, warm, and welcoming environment here at Endres Gateway Dentistry.

    Dr. Endres and our team strive to determine the correct treatments for every patient in any given situation. Rest assured that we have a conservative mindset so that we can save you money whenever possible. Most importantly, we are always open and honest with our patients.

    Call 513-791-8880 or email us today for an appointment

    Best dentist and staff in Cincinnati!!! I only trust Endres dentistry to care for myself and my children.~ Jenn N.


    Broken, discolored, and decayed teeth can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and your overall well-being. Whether you need family dentistry to improve your health, or cosmetic dentistry to enhance your image, our durable restorations may be right for you. Let’s strengthen your smile with ceramic restorations to prevent pain, damage, and tooth loss.

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    Emergency Dentistry

    Oral discomfort can easily stop you from enjoying your daily life. In some cases, urgent dental needs may even cause panic or anxiety. We are here for you, at Endres Gateway Dentistry. Contact our office right away to receive patient-centered emergency care for infections, toothaches, tooth loss, and more.

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    Do you need a general dentistry treatment to protect your smile? Or would you like to receive a cosmetic dentistry procedure to create a more attractive appearance? If anxiety is standing in your way, dental sedation makes it possible to receive any treatment with zero stress or anxiety.

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    Dental Crowns & Veneers

    Dental crowns and veneers can correct any mild or moderate smile defect. These cosmetic dentistry procedures will give you an even, beautiful, and balanced smile.

    Crowns are tooth-shaped appliances that fit over the visible portion of the tooth. Veneers are ultra-thin shells that are bonded to the surface of a tooth. Ask Dr. Endres if you can fortify and beautify your smile with veneers or crowns!

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    Orthodontics can give you a straight smile that is easy to clean and brush. This will protect the teeth from cavities while giving you a functional bite. To learn about your options for orthodontics at Endres Gateway Dentistry, contact our office today.

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    Dental Implants

    Dental implants are a cutting-edge way to replace one or more missing teeth. For patients who would like to regain a full and complete smile, dental implants are an impressively natural option. We will provide beautiful dental implants and restorations that will safeguard your jawbone and brighten your smile.

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    Your Cincinnati Dentist

    Dr. Endres has the right solutions for all of your dental needs here at Endres Gateway Dentistry, and we’re right in your backyard! We hope you have a fabulous family dentistry experience here. Don’t hesitate to contact our Cincinnati office today.

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