Broken, Cracked or Chipped Tooth?

Accidents can happen to anyone, and many patients are surprised when they damage a tooth. If you have untreated decay, you are more susceptible to tooth damage. Tooth grinding, chewing on ice chips, and small cavities can also gradually wear on your teeth and lead to real damage.

A chipped tooth is a common issue that should be examined sooner rather than later. A chipped or cracked tooth may be an opening for bacteria to leak into the delicate nerves and soft tissues that lie beneath the surface.

Solutions for Damaged Teeth

Broken Chipped Cracked Tooth Repair - Endres Dentistry Montgomery OH

Although tooth enamel is one of the strongest materials in the body, it may chip or crack during accidents or injuries. If the tooth is weak, it is even more likely to need cracked or chipped tooth repair.

We understand the frustration of a chipped tooth, and want to help our patients overcome the issue with ease.

But what can you do when you have a chipped tooth or a cracked tooth? What is the best strategy for broken tooth repair?

Tooth Repair Options

The correct method for broken tooth repair will depend on the extent of the damage and your personal preferences. Usually, gentle restorative treatments like crowns or veneers will be right for broken tooth repair.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers are for patients with mostly surface damage who want a quick cosmetic fix. Veneers can improve the shape and color of the teeth, making a chipped tooth or cracked tooth flawless again.

Dental Crowns

With dental crowns the repair will go a little bit further by capping the entire tooth above the gum line. This replaces more of the natural tooth structure, and enhances both the aesthetic and the integrity of the tooth.

A chipped tooth is a significant problem, so we qualify it as an emergency dentistry need. If you have a chipped tooth, contact our office right away. It is important to schedule an appointment before the crack or chip worsens, and we are happy to serve you as soon as possible.

Restoring Your Flawless Smile

Are you tired of staring at that chipped tooth? Dr. Eleanor Endres offers natural-looking solutions to repair your teeth at her practice in Montgomery Ohio. Contact us today!

Your Comfort Counts

You can regain your beautiful, healthy smile with one or two quick visits to our comfortable office. To make your experience even better, we offer sedation dentistry. Dental sedation can calm your nerves and increase your comfort from start to finish, so you don’t have to hesitate when it comes to broken tooth repair!