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Did you know that enamel is the hardest substance in the body? Found on the outer surface of your teeth, enamel should last a lifetime. But at Endres Gateway Dentistry in Cincinnati, experience has taught that just because it’s super durable doesn’t mean you don’t have to work to take care of it.

Here are some beneficial tips for keeping enamel healthy.

1. Pick the right foods for enamel health. It’s no secret that soft drinks hurt your teeth, and don’t think that diet sodas are harmless – the artificial sweeteners can also erode enamel over time. There are also other culinary culprits that can do a lot of harm. Sticky, chewy candies should be avoided. Chewing ice is a no-no. And don’t use your teeth as tools. Take a minute to grab some scissors before you rip open that package with your incisors.

On the flip side, foods with calcium can neutralize acid in your mouth and guard your enamel. So enjoy your dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt!

2. Avoid vigorous brushing and use a soft brush. Also, it’s best to wait an hour after eating before you brush, because foods, especially acidic ones, can soften the enamel, thus making it more prone to damage from brushing.

3. Keep stomach acids in check. If you have a problem with severe heartburn, stomach acid could be traveling up your esophagus and into your mouth. This acid can erode enamel, so it is critical to talk to your doctor about treatment.

4. Talk to us about dry mouth and teeth grinding. Lack of saliva is a major problem for tooth enamel, and it’s no surprise that teeth grinding can also wear it down. Make sure your dentist is aware if you see either of these issues.

At Endres Gateway Dentistry in Cincinnati, we’ll help you take good care of your teeth. Our services include family and cosmetic dentistry. We also serve patients in the Loveland, Blue Ash, and Montgomery OH area. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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