Which Type of Toothbrush is Best?

Toothbrush Wars in Cincinnati

It may surprise you to know that some people have very strong opinions about which type of toothbrush is the best: manual or electric? Is there really one that is clearly better? At Endres Gateway Dentistry, we sort fact from fiction.

Most dentists will tell you that all toothbrushes, when used properly, are effective at removing plaque. Choosing which kind you prefer is really up to you.

Today, we want to give you some extra information about toothbrushes to help you opt for which kind is right for you or your child.

As with most things, it helps to consider cost and convenience. Some people argue that even though electric toothbrushes are more pricey, you’ll save on dental bills. However, there are no definitive studies to back up this claim.

Manual toothbrushes are easy to find, whereas not all drugstores carry all types of electric toothbrushes. This can be problematic when buying replacement heads. People who travel may find that a smaller, manual toothbrush is easier to pack (and batteries are not needed).

The pressure you put on your gums with either type of toothbrush is vital. Some people say that it’s difficult to know how much pressure they use with electric toothbrushes, while others say that because of the quick electrical movements, they tend to be more gentle on their gums than when they use manual brushes. You may want to try them both to identify your brushing style. Then you can discuss it with your dentist.

One area where the electric toothbrush has a clear advantage is for people with dexterity issues. Most dentists counsel their elderly or arthritic patients to use electric toothbrushes when their manual dexterity is diminished. As for children, once they are old enough, an electric toothbrush may be preferable, but safety should always be the first concern of parents.

Whichever type of toothbrush you choose, make sure you get soft bristles and replace it every three to four months.

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