What Are Dentures?

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dentures and implant dentures in Loveland and Blue Ash OH 45242Traditional dentures consist of a removable plate or frame that holds replacement teeth after natural teeth have been lost. However, this is not the only type of denture. Permanent dentures, sometimes called implant dentures, are also available.

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The various types of available dentures are:

Traditional Dentures | Traditional dentures are a set of teeth that rest on your gums. They are removable and easy to slip on and off.
High-End Dentures | High-end dentures look more natural than traditional dentures.
Custom Dentures | Custom dentures are made to fit your appearance and speaking style. They also allow you to select specific denture details, such as gum shade, texture, and ridging.
Implant Dentures | Implant dentures are secured to your jaw bone through the use of implants and are considered to be permanent dentures.

The Benefits of Dentures

Fully Functioning Teeth | Having fully functioning teeth allows you to eat your favorite foods again.
Youthful Appearance | Without teeth, your face can take on a sunken-in appearance. A set of dentures can give your cheeks shape and definition, making you look years younger.
Improved Self-Esteem | Missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious and insecure, unable to smile with confidence. Dentures allow you to have a full set of teeth for a more confident smile and improved self-esteem.

What’s the Denture Process?

Individualized Treatment Plan | The first step in obtaining dentures is a thorough examination and diagnosis. If dentures are right for you, we will create an individualized treatment plan. X-rays may be needed.
Create a Mold | We will create a mold of your gums using dental putty. This mold is sent to a dental laboratory to create the plate, or frame, for the denture.
Fitting | Once your denture has been created, we will make sure the fit is correct and comfortable. Follow-up appointments may be needed to ensure the health of your gums and fine tune any denture issues.

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